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New Members in FAXL

The membership roster of FAXL ebbs and flows with each gig. However, recently we've added to semi-stable members to the group: Jedrik and Julia. [Note: semi-stable in the sense that they are at pretty much all the rehearsals and the gigs.]

HuDost Concert Nov. 17

The recent visit by friends HuDost was amazing. A great time was had by all. HuDost started the concert with a spectacular set. Then invited FAXL on stage for the second set. The jam was incredible. Fun to see E.J. have someone that can keep up with his total improv vocals. Moksha Sommer was more than up to the challenge. Speaking of which, Jemal Wade Hines' guitar work sent the stage into hyper gear. We all look forward to the next time their tours makes it to the West Coast. You should too. Don't miss their gigs.

Here's HuDost facebook and HuDost myspace if you'd like to check them out.


FAXL is composed of core members E.J. Gold, Robbert Trice, Nancy Burns, Claude Needham, Iven Lourie, Tabatha Jones and anyone else that happens to find their way on stage. When the season is right that might be Irish balladeer and Mandolin player James Duggan. Or, when their tour brings them through Grass Valley, you'll see HuDost join in.

FAXL is rapidly developing their own unique sound -- influenced by blues, folk, world, rock, classical, and jazz.

We don't actually practice. The way we figure it, you can't step onto the same stage twice so we make the best of every opportunity.

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